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Vaish College of Engineering, Rohtak

Affiliated to MDU | NBA (CSE, EE) | Approved by AICTE
Run By : Vaish Education Society (Regd.), Rohtak 


Chairman, Board of Governors

Sh. Navin Kumar Jain
We dwell in a time of Information Age and Knowledge Industry. Knowledge is a key of empowerment. There is increasing emphasis on acquisition of knowledge and skill. It has occasioned profound and far-reaching changes in the field of education. Now, the greater accent is on bridging the gap between theoretical aspects of the education and practical imperatives of the professional & industrial world. Moreover, real end of education is not only to equip the students with the relevant professional knowledge and training so that they may carve out a niche for themselves but also to inculcate in them the holistic personality, character building leading to most important Nation-Building. The Vaish Education Society, Rohtak has been striving assiduously since the very time of its inception to attain these solemn and noble objectives. In the vast and sprawling campus, we have provided the most modern infrastructure, state-of-art-laboratories, with all required equipments and highly experienced and dedicated faculty. The campus offers a panoramic view studded with lush green gardens, profuse plantation contributing immensely in environmental protection. We pledge to carry forward the rich legacy of Founding Fathers of this great Education Society and further resolve to work with a missionary zeal to tread on hitherto now unexplored horizons and vistas of quality education.
I wish all the success to students and warm regards to all the visitors.

Executive Member, Board of Governors

Sh. Rajesh Nawal
As we embark on a new chapter in the journey of our esteemed institution, we extend our heartfelt greetings to each and every one of you who contributes to our collective success. At our college, we’re all about leading the way in innovation. We’re united by our goal to excel and our commitment to keep learning and growing together. Our community is made up of students, teachers, staff, and alumni, and it’s our teamwork and respect for each other that help us break new ground and make a real difference in the world. We’re here to carry forward the legacy of our college, aiming to create a future full of possibilities. We believe that education can unlock everyone’s potential and prepare them to be leaders and innovators in their fields. In these challenging times, our shared values of resilience, flexibility, and kindness are more important than ever. Together, we’ll face these challenges head-on, coming out stronger and more connected. We’re inviting you to be a part of this exciting journey. Let’s work together to shape a bright future for Vaish College of Engineering and our community.

Executive Member, Board of Governors

Sh. Sunny Goel
At our institute, we’re all about growing together and achieving greatness. We’re really proud of how dedicated, excited, and creative everyone here is. Our college is a special place where lots of ideas come to life, people learn new things, and chase their dreams. It’s important to us that everyone feels welcome, treated fairly, and encouraged to do their best. As we face new challenges in the world, we’re committed to staying strong, flexible, and kind. We believe in working together, drawing on our shared values to overcome obstacles and find new chances to improve. Moving forward, we’re excited to keep making our college a better place, discovering new opportunities, and making sure everyone can succeed. Together, we’re heading towards a bright future.

Principal, Vaish College of Engineering

Dr. Deepak Kumar Goyal
Vaish College of Engineering was established in 1995 with a mission to achieve excellence in technical education. The college is committed to produce world class Engineers. At the Vaish College of Engineering, we are striving hard to achieve excellence in all fields e.g. academics, infrastructural facilities, practical training and personality development programs for the students. I would like to welcome all the new entrants and assure them that they will be provided an environment to achieve higher academic excellence which will enable them to meet all the challenges in their future. We have a mission in higher education and we promise to continually review the quality of our aims and strive to go higher and higher in the field. We are confident that they will meet your expectations due to their hard work and good learning.