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Vaish College of Engineering, Rohtak

Affiliated to MDU | NBA (CSE, EE) | Approved by AICTE
Run By : Vaish Education Society (Regd.), Rohtak 


Department of Management Studies

About the Department


To be a nationally recognized management department producing world class professionals in cross-functional business areas.


M1- To prepare students to become future business leaders through latest management practices.

M2- To provide an education that equips students with managerial leadership and entrepreneurial skills necessary to meet global industry expectations

M3- To nurture students to become competent in cross functional business areas.

M4- To enhance academic excellence in teaching and research with cutting edge resources and develop life-long attitude.

About the Department

Welcome to Department of Bussiness Administration, Vaish College of Engineering, Rohtak. We offer the best college atmosphere with the intellectual and technological resources of a world-class Management Institution. We have a rich tradition of pursuing academic excellence, value based education and providing a conducive environment for overall personality development of students, Our objective is to create a bread of qualified, innovative and dynamic professionals for corporate sector, the service industry, for self – employment and for academic & research institutions of socio-economic importance. Through innovative curriculum, a teamwork approach, and leadership-building experiences, our students gain vital communication and critical-thinking skills. In terms of infrastructure, the department is one of the best equipped departments in the region and our student are trained and exposed to a variety of management skills. The fully Wi-Fi campus with high speed internet connectivity gives our faculty and students an edge over their counterparts. The department organizes conferences, seminars and extra-curricular activities from time to time to provide opportunities to student and faculty to interact with their peers across the country.

The MBA programme has of 2years (4 semesters). At the end of the 2nd semester, the students are required to go for summer training with an organization for a period of 8 weeks. This is compulsory component for the completion of the degree to be awarded for a period of 8 weeks. It is designed to provide an exposure to organizations working and develop an understanding of business realities to the students. in the 4th semester, a field based projects is also to be carried out by the students. The curriculum includes courses in 4 semesters as approved by MD University Rohtak.

Career Prospective

There is unprecedented competition in the marketplace today. The need to understand consumer desires and cater to them has become the norm for existence and survival in business. Thus, the necessity for enterprising managers with a global vision arises. Management Education has received a great boost in the post-globalisation era. Premier Institutes have descended upon the scenario with programmes aimed at carving out well-rounded personalities who can confidently walk through the portals of the corporate world

The MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree is probably the worlds best known and most widely recognized post graduate degree. It is a professional degree in that it is intended for those who work in business and management i.e., the intention of a program leading to an MBA is to prepare or further prepare individuals for responsible positions in business usually managerial positions. In fact the degree is a bit of a misnomer.

Why an MBA?

Your future! Being equipped to handle the opportunities and threats of today’s dynamic business environment has never been more important. New products, new markets, off-shore resourcing, mergers, and new technologies all create uncertainty and opportunity. An MBA helps position you to take advantage of the opportunities and protects you from the threats. A Master of Business Administration provides you with a broad view of the functional areas of business.

Empowered with an MBA degree one can develop a career in a range of fields. One can opt for a variety of career options after MBA in India. Career advancement, management expertise and increased earnings are perhaps the most common reasons given for pursuing an MBA. An MBA can help you make major break or leap in your career path with a concomitant leap in income.After liberalization Indian market has opened several new opportunities to management students. After rapid expansion of Industries, India has also opened new vistas for excellent opportunities for careers in management. New Economic Policy of liberalisation has increased the demand for managerial personnel in the corporate world.

Industry insiders feel that the demand for managerial personnel in specialist fields like Finance, IT, Marketing, Personnel and Administration will further increase rapidly in the coming years. The corporates in their accelerated drive for all-important competitive edge believe that management graduates with their macro vision and analytical bent of mind can deliver more than others in the fast changing world of business. Now MBA as a three-letter qualification has become almost mandatory for entry into and future advancement in a wide range of industries. Top companies-multinationals, foreign banks, financial institutions, public sector undertakings, in effect the whole corporate sector offer bright opportunities to management graduates.The careers in management offer one of the best remuneration packages and perks everywhere. Private sector today offers rapid advancement to result-oriented professionals. Excellent perks are offered which may include free accommodation, free conveyance / attractive allowances, CPF, leave travel concession, medical allowance /reimbursement etc.

For those who take up self employment or who become employment generators as entrepreneurs – MBA or equivalent qualifications provide handful of necessary inputs for achieving successful entrepreneurial aims.