Library is an integral part of the Institution and imparting its services to students, faculty members and other staff members. VCE Library is having a huge collection of books on engineering, science, technology, management and humanities. The VCE Library has planned to digitize all in house resources and knowledge generated by the faculty, student of VCE. After digitization of these resources, accessibility will be provided through Intranet or Internet. It offers library services through its various divisions.

  •    Library Catalogue (OPAC): The library offers computerized catalogue search services through the OPAC. The bibliographic record consisting of more than 31000 books in various disciplines, 600 CD ROMS is available in the VCE Library. Sufficient number of computers are placed in the user area for the students and faculty to access the OPAC.
  •    Circulation System: The Library has been using advanced Library Software which offers issue, reserve and return service to its user. Users can get issued the required books by their self in the presence of counter staff. Library is also facilitating user to reserve any book, which is already issued to someone, that book will not be re-issued to him. The book will be kept for user for one week at reserve counter, if one fails to collect with in the stipulated period; the same will be shelved in the respective place and reservation stands cancelled.
  •    Reference Service: Reference staff is also available in the reading room to suggest sources of information and to assist in locating the required material. One copy of each title is kept in reserved section for the reference to users with in the library use only. These books can be issued over night only in case of emergency. The total collection of reference section is more than 3500 books.
  •    Inter-library loan: VCE Library offers inter-library loan service to its users for the books and periodicals not available in the VCE Library by procuring them from other libraries. The VCE library has membership of DELNET and having agreement with to share the resources among member libraries which includes lending its resources to the other libraries.
  •    Book Bank facility: VCE Library has Book Bank having various text books Title. The books from Book Bank are issued to the students for one complete semester.
  •    Question Paper Bank: VCE Library has Question Paper Bank having old question papers of M.Tech, B.Tech, MBA, MCA courses for the reference.