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Vaish College of Engineering, Rohtak

Affiliated to MDU | NBA (CSE, EE) | Approved by AICTE
Run By : Vaish Education Society (Regd.), Rohtak 

Computer Centre

VCE Computer Centre

The IT Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art Client Server architecture with educational software and analytical tools including management games as well as computers, laptops, printers, scanners and projectors thereby encouraging its pedagogy of non-classroom learning. The e-learning facilities, which include comprehensive study materials also allows students to take tests online. All students are provided with laptops, which facilitate learning at their time and pace, as well as allowing them to submit their assignments online. The institute has installed network printers in the Institute as well as the hostels.

The last few years have evidenced the creation of new facilities for interactive learning and information base in an Intranet environment. VCE Rohtak has built knowledge repositories using the latest technology. An example is the modern CD Server with a 120 GB HDD and 72 MB RAM. Available on the LAN, faculty and students can view any of the 240 CDs mirrored on the server. CDs can also be mirrored onto the server from any point on the LAN.

Technology never stops evolving at VCE Rohtak. After becoming only the second B-school in India to have provided laptops to all its students, VCE Rohtak is now set to enter a new era as far technology is concerned. “Being connected but not wired” is the new theme. With the institute soon going in for a 2.4 GHz frequency Wireless LAN backed by a 100 Mbps internal LAN, students will be able to use the computer network and the Internet from any part of the campus.

Moreover, with a 768Kbps and 4 ISDN line backbone, VCE Rohtak is now all set to implement video conferencing technology for various initiatives such as improved industry interaction, guest lectures, virtual classroom courses from foreign universities, and assistance in foreign placements.