Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital and Physio Center was inaugurated on 20-08-2009 and working since then. In our Hospital well qualified and professionally dedicated staff is appointed. Average OPD attendance is about 45 to 50 patient per day. There is adequate space. Our Physiotherapy center is well equipped with latest machine.

Financial Aspect

Our Center is basically meant for providing Day Care health services to the students & staff of the various institutions run by the Vaish Education Society. Hence our hospital is provided funds by the various institutions under VES Rohtak. However nominal token charges are also charged from the patients visiting our center. Students of the various institutions are given free medical services & available common drugs in the hospital.
Annual expenditure of our hospital is about Rupees 9-10 lacs to meet out the expenditure of salary of the staff, contingency expenditure, maintenance of the equipment and material supply. Out of this about Rs.3 lacs are generated by the hospital fee charges & rest of the amount is provided by various institutions.

The working Hrs of our center is as below:

Summer 8.00 A.M. 2.00 P.M.
Winter 9.00 A.M. 3.00 P.M.


Facilities Available

  •    OPD Services
  •    Day-Care Services
  •    Physiotherapy
  •    Lab.
  •    ECG
  •    Minor OT
  •    X Ray


Staff Members

1. Dr. K. C. Aggarwal Chief Medical Officer
2. Sh. Pawan Mittal Physiotherapist
3. Smt. Om Pati Nursing Sister
4. Sh. Ved Parkash Gaba Pharmacist
5. Sh. Rajesh Lab Technician
6. Ms. Kusum Radio Grapher