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Chairman’s Message


India is in the vertex of transformation in the social, economic, technological and political arenas of development with a version of being super power by 2020. The change of a traditional stratified society into a knowledge society is being catalyzed by technological qualitative inputs in manufacturing, IT and service sectors and exploration in newly emerging areas in these sectors. Technical Institutes have been playing instrumental roles to ease out this transformation.

To tap this opportunity and contribute significantly, ‘VAISH COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING’ embarked upon its journey to partnership the transformation with self-driven faculty and dedicated staff. We have touched enviable heights due to our qualitative approach in academic arena backed by our passion for being in top slots.

We aspire to emerge as a center of excellence and research, proactively stimulating technological and social-economic development, through leadership in higher education with equal concern for social and human values.

We welcome our perspective students to VAISH COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING to get your potential tapped fully so that you can feel the privilege of being born as a human being.

Vikas Goel
Vaish College of Engineering

Principal’s Message

Welcome to Vaish College of engineering was established in 1995 with a mission to achieved excellence in technical education. The college is committed to produce world class engineers who can take on the challenger of the new age. At the Vaish College of Engineering we are striving hard to achieve excellence in all field like academics, infrastructural facilities.

Practical training and personality development programs for the student Rapid change in the employment and business scenario have signification raised the bar of expected in technical knowledge and excellence. I am happy that Vaish College of engineering over the years has been totally committed and fully equipped to pursue dream of excellence in imparting higher technical education to the student We have a mission in higher education and we promise to continually review the quality of our aims and strive to go higher in the field.

I would like to welcome the new entrant and assure them that they will be provided an environment to achieved academic Excellence so that they will be ready to meet all challenges in their future.

Dr. Deepak Goyal

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