Peer Teaching by Mr. Alok Gupta (AP, CSE)

Peer Teaching is to help the academically weak students to catch up with their fellow student. It is based on the belief that “To teach is to learn twice” In this method of teaching, a student instructs another student, wherein the former will be a bright student and the latter will be a weak student. This also uplifts student’s knowledge limit and thus allow a greater level of understanding. It improves student’s critical thinking.

Figure: Peer Teaching

Pair & Share

Pair-share is a great technique for facilitating discussion. It is very quick and simple technique to adopt. In this, faculty presents a question to students. Students in turn reflect quietly and then partner with someone to discuss about the same. A time of 15 minutes is given and then the topic is discussed. This not only strengthens problem-based learning, but also encourages creative thought process.

Home Assignments

A home assignment is a piece of work or task given by faculty to students. It provides opportunity for candidates to learn, practice and demonstrate they have achieved the learning goals.

They are given previous years questions of various competitive exams & then they are discussed in the class. It keeps students well engaged and instill habit of hard work in students. The main purpose of the home assignment is to increase the learning capabilities of the students.

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