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Department of Applied Science and Humanities


About Department                                                                                                                            

The department came in to existence in 1995. The department comprises four laboratories with well equipped instruments and theory concepts are realized practically in labs. The main objectives of the department to develop quest for knowledge and systematic understanding of the basic scientific concepts with improve communication skills of students and to enhance their analytical skills. A devoted and enthusiastic team comprising of faculty members and laboratory staff on one hand and well-laid out laboratories equipped with the latest in the fields of science. In addition to inculcating the practice of following disciplinary instructions in letter and spirit, it also offers pedagogically meaningful curricular activities which ignite the passion of learning in the budding engineers to prepare them for creative and innovative world around them.

About the course

The Department of Applied Sciences consists of Engineering Mathematics, Physics, Environment Science, Chemistry and Humanities. All the students of B.Tech. (ECE, EE, CSE and Mechanical) study the Applied Science subjects (common in all branches) in the First year of their respective branch.

The department offers courses in:

o    Mathematics

o    Physics

o    Chemistry

o    Environment Education

o    Humanities

o    Communication Skills

Career Prospective

The department of Applied Science has always strived to move ahead with the study and practical of emerging dynamic needs. The department fosters creative expression and critical thinking of students along with integration of scholastic excellence in learning with discipline. It strives to equip and empower its students and faculty members to contribute to the development of society and Nation.

Departmental Activity

Department involves in organizing industrial visits for the students. In the previous year department has organized industrial visit in Lakshmi Precision Screws Ltd., Rohtak and Jai Bharat Maruti Ltd. (Maruti Udhyog ) Gurgaon. Apart from this department continuously strive for enhancing communication skills by organizing various completions.


   1.Physics Lab: 

Physics, the most fundamental physical science, is based upon the exact measurement and is concerned with the basic principles of the universe. It is the foundation on which engineering, technology and the other sciences – astronomy, biology, chemistry and geology – are based.

Physics Lab is spacious and well equipped with the latest apparatus, instruments and experiments to be performed as per the Maharishi Dayanand University curriculum. The students are given the exposure on the experiments on Optics, Measuring Instruments, Quantum and Solid State Physics. 

  1. Chemistry Lab:

Chemistry laboratory is equipped with the equipment to perform the experiments as per Maharishi Dayanand University requirements. The basic aim of Chemistry laboratory is to impart knowledge about the chemical properties of engineering materials and methods for manipulating the properties.

  1. Mathematics Lab:

Mathematics Lab is equipped with the latest equipment to perform the experiments as per Maharishi Dayanand University requirements. The students are given the exposure on the experiments to solve the problems based on differential equations.

  1. Environment Science Lab:

Environment Science Lab is well equipped with the latest apparatus . The students are given the exposure on the experiments on study the water parameters, measuring meteorological conditions and CO-Levels to aware about industrial pollution.

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